7 Travel Resolutions for 2016

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Many do not believe in the idea of making resolutions in the first place because we hardly follow them. But isn’t it a great way to look forward to new beginnings and towards fulfilling our dreams? For all those who dream of travelling the world, just as I do – these resolutions are for you. These resolutions are for you if nothing means more to you than the love of travelling. Happy New Year!


Travel 2 countries

Open up to fresh experiences and a broader perspective in life. Cherish the first trip for six months and before the year ends, take another trip to a favourite destination! (Here are some suggestions – 8 Must Visit Countries in 2016)


Travel Solo

Create your own path! Traveling solo also makes you a responsible individual. Meet different people, make new friends and take that leap of faith that you were always afraid of.


Travel with the people you love

Because they know you for the person you are! They won’t judge you for being crazy or silly and you will always make the best memories with your favourite people!


Travel On a budget

To realise that money cannot buy happiness! Sometimes being on a budget makes you understand how difficult life is and you are blessed to have all the necessities in life which are luxuries for some.


Travel For A Cause

Visit a country for a cause. That cause can be educating people, teaching them how to dance or spreading the message of love! Do it once to experience the happiness of a lifetime generic levitra from india.


Start a travel fund

Follow your passion! This fund comes in handy when your account balance says that ‘you cannot afford this trip’ and your funds tell that ‘you have enough to chase your dreams.’


Travel like there is no tomorrow

Because there really is no tomorrow! Live in the present and make the most of this time. Imagine turning 60 and updating your Facebook status to ‘I wish I had done skydiving when I was 30!’ Do you really want to do that

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Author: Ayushi Anand (Guest Travel Blogger)

Her website is: www.365daysofbliss.com

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